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  • iceangel
  • 35 years old | All of Iowa

  • fastdrive
  • Like it ruffffff
    Have tendencies of being a wolf. Want to find out? ...
  • 51 years old | Abbott, Iowa

  • soa4life
  • 35 years old | All of Iowa

  • hunterf95

  • Hello, my name is Hunter and I have always been fascinated with werewolves :) it is my dream to date a real werewolf and hopefully eventually marry him. :3 I am the most loyal person you will ever meet and will stand by your side no matter what! What I like to do in my free time is to hike, bike, swim, watch TV/movies/Netflix, occasionally play computer and video games, and model railroad. My inte... ...
  • 20 years old | Iowa Falls, Iowa

  • stein2673

  • alright I've got quite a lot of things I want to put here but from the looks of it not enough room so to make this pretty short and simple just hit me up if u have any questions about me I'm a pretty open book. ...
  • 22 years old | Missouri Valley, Iowa

  • sagemorgan

  • I'm a very energetic woman. I'm very creative & have quite the imagination. I am very adventurous & spontaneous. I 'm very blunt & straight forward however my honesty can get me into trouble at times. Sometimes there's just no filter there. Most of the people who know me say I am free spirited & corky. I am very artistic minded. When Im feeling negative I channel & create things so its more of a p... ...
  • 29 years old | Quad Cities, Iowa

  • thenativequeen

  • I only bite if U ask me 2 LOL Love werewolves & anything about them. As a matter of fact my Native spirit guide is the wolf so I think that fits well hmm? Who am I? Just the tip of the iceberg: I am honest, compassionate, passionate, intelligent, loving, non judgmental, curious, adventuresome, VERY spiritual, sensual, pretty blunt, honest and romantic to name a few things. The Native culture is th... ...
  • 40 years old | All of Iowa

  • goddessflame
  • Werewolf Lover
    Werewolf Lover I have a love of werewolves ever since I was young. ...
  • 35 years old | Bagley, Iowa

  • lilredbull
  • howl in the night
    howl in the night Clawing and biting and adventures at perfect ...
  • 21 years old | Des Moines, Iowa

  • mystickitty
  • I'm not a werewolf but I am a therian/otherkin :}
    I'm not a werewolf but I am a therian/otherkin :} I tend to be a little more animalistic than most, as a shaman I connect with animal spirits and so will often act as such. This includes playful nipping and curling up contentedly. So if you're able to handle this part of me, that's a big plus ;} ...
  • 24 years old | All of Iowa

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