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  • alexs26
  • A Life Long Past
    I am not in this life. In a life long since past I was. A tragic tale best left alone. I still feel an affinity to the plants animals and the night. I think the major difference from before is I still feel like a puppy. So I feel a bit unprotected and lonely. It would be nice to have alpha female strong, confident and protective. I could growl and make nuzzles comfortably then. And maybe not fee... ...
  • 28 years old | Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • damianwolf

  • looking for others.... still thinking about what to put here? ...
  • 37 years old | All of Michigan

  • lucien

  • Wolfie :) I love werewolves their awesome and protective,loving,warm, etc. ...
  • 19 years old | Detroit, Michigan

  • earthangel77
  • 55 years old | Linden, Michigan

  • rahoo31

  • Howling Moon ...
  • 59 years old | Detroit, Michigan

  • rolando69

  • Wereolves are the best of the supernatural Werewolves are always better then any supernatural creature besides a crusnik. ...
  • 20 years old | Westland, Michigan

  • nextbestthin

  • I am looking for someone who is creative, respectful, ambitious, determine, sensitive, compassionate, loving & gracious, Intimately warm hearted, affectionate, sentimental, romantic, an ultimate freak. be real in what you want and ill be real and what i want. keep it 100 I am a very laid back kinda dude. If you wanna know more just ask ...
  • 21 years old | Detroit, Michigan

  • poisonivy666

  • moon light passion ... I love the moonlight, its a turn on it's makes me feel powerful and beautiful. I love it .. ...
  • 36 years old | Detroit, Michigan

  • varsuul

  • Human in a world of werewolves I love werewolf stories. Blood and Chocolate was one of my favorite stories in highschool. During a full moon, usually I don't notice it, but sometimes when I'm outside at night, I can't help but just stare at it. Don't know why, but it's silvery beauty is just hard to ignore. ...
  • 24 years old | Nashville, Michigan

  • cuddlemonster20
  • Team Jacob all the way!
    Team Jacob all the way! Yes I know they're not real werewolves, but Taylor Lautner really makes a good dog. ;) I've alwas been interested in Lycanthropy and the tales and legends from all over, especially the Dogmen in my area. ...
  • 21 years old | Rural Area, Michigan

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